About Ellen Hofmann


Ellen Hofmann comes from a dance background and began dancing with the Philadelphia Civic Ballet at the age of 6 with her dance studies continuing throughout her life.  Having suffered from many dance injuries through the years, she saw the unparalleled benefits of the Pilates method as a unique tool for achieving strength and flexibility without injury.  Pilates made such a positive impact on her life she decided to become a Certified Instructor in The Classical Pilates Method so that she could share her love and knowledge of this incredible discipline.


Her many experiences include managing a large health club, teaching aerobic classes as well as training on traditional equipment.  Her focus is to help people improve their fitness level and improve the quality of their life by combining her dance experience and the original work of Joseph Pilates.


Ellen has spoken at various events including Balance Magazine's Day of Balance and Speaking of Women's Health Conference sponsored by WPBT.  Ellen is the author of Ellen's Pilates Mat - Real Pilates for Real Women, an instruction book filled with photographs accompanied by an audio CD.  Ellen is available for speaking events and has a very unique style of teaching the benefits of Pilates while motivating people to be the very best that they can be as well as reaching goals they never imagined.