“Ellen Hofmann is a dream come true!  As a publisher of a magazine…my life seems to go full throttle.  The mat pilates workout is quick, easy to understand and produces great results.  Her guidance and gentle motivation has made all the difference in how my physical body looks and feels.  Doing her very simple workout has been the key to my fitness success” ~ Susie Levan, Publisher of Balance Magazine


"I love Ellen’s Pilates Mat”.  I feel better than ever, both physically and mentally.  In combination with a healthy diet, I have lost pounds and inches and I know I look great again.  After every workout I have a great sense of accomplishment and rejuvenation”  ~ Ileen Messinger


“Ellen’s Pilates Mat has helped me to develop and tone my body through graceful movements that flow with ease.  My body has realigned itself and developed inner strength. What a refreshing new way to workout!” ~ Tracy Zuckerman


“Ellen’s Pilates Mat is the ultimate exercise program. My body has gained incredible strength, firmness and flexibility without even breaking a sweat!  It is simply that great!” ~ Anne Reynolds


“Exercising has never been more satisfying.  Since beginning Ellen’s Pilates Mat, I feel like I am in control of my body and I am more flexible.  I leave my workouts feeling strong, relaxed and refreshed.  The bonus is that Ellen’s Pilates Mat has reshaped my figure.” ~ Harlene Zweig


“Since I started doing Ellen’s Pilates Mat, I no longer dread my workouts!  It has become easier for me to breathe and my body feels stronger and healthier.  I see a huge change in my body…I’m hooked” ~ Lizzie Low-Honig


"I was out last night and two acquaintances approached me and said "gee Renee, you look so good and you seem so confident."  They asked if I was doing anything different and I told them about your classes.  Now they want to try one.  I am almost kicking myself because you know how it goes - they tell a friend, who tells another and so on.   Well, I owe it to you.  Thanks so much for your patience and awesome fundamentals while teaching.  You really are an awesome instructor and I cannot express how happy I am that I found you!  The compliments on my body have been insane....I am your walking bill board for sure!" ~ Renee Carrano


"I have been doing Pilates close to 7 years and in the last year I felt as though I had reached a plateau. Ellen’s class has allowed me to achieve a different level of challenge that I’ve never experienced. Ellen’s style of teaching has brought me back to the basic moves that I so miss – once you develop core strength and flexibility you start to crave it more and more; at least I feel this way. I am always excited and motivated to attend the next Pilates class. Ellen is very soft spoken and challenges you to perfect form which in turn enables you to achieve proper movement and flow. I so enjoy her teaching and am excited to say that I have been craving this form of Pilates “basic” for a long time. Ellen thank you for the challenge – keep bringing it!!!!!!"  ~ Belkys Wilson-Torres


"I have been attending Ellen's pilates classes for about 4 months now and I absolutely love it!!! With a healthy diet and pilates, I am leaner, toned, and more flexible than I have ever been in my life! Since pilates, I get complimented left and right, which is even more motivating. Ellen's pilates focuses on every muscle in a variety moves while strengthening your core at the same time. Pilates has made me so much stronger physically and mentally as well. It's almost like a therapy session and a workout all in one! =)  I have never looked forward to working out until your class. You always make it a challenge and I just can't get enough!!! I have gotten so much out of this class and I OWE IT ALL TO YOU ELLEN!!! Thank you for being such an amazing instructor and woman! " ~ Michelle Perret

"Ellen's Pilates class is wonderful.  I have always been athletic, participating in many different sports.  This class is the most challending, yet effective class that I have ever taken.  The class is conducted with care and professionalism, two positives that are very important to me.  I have seen dramatic results, not only in body physique, but in my ability to play golf.  It has heightened my concentration, and allowed me to hit a golf ball with an increased distance because of the strengthening of my swing.  Pilates has created the agility that is needed in the game of golf.  Mentally it has sharpened my focus, and alleviated the daily stress that comes from my job.  Ellen has a wonderful way with people.  She instructs in a helpful, encouraging manner.  Hopefully, I can continue to take Pilates for a very long time". ~ Lauren


I lost about 25 pounds and four inches from my waist, and gained significant mental endurance within a few months of starting Ellen Hofmann's Pilates classes. Ellen's methods have proven to be the fitness solution I had been seeking after years of trying to recover from bad eating habits and advancing physical maturity. Ellen's Pilates seem to have also encouraged better eating habits and make my other exercise staple of bike riding more enjoyable and effective as well. Nearly a decade of trying various exercise tapes and DVDs cannot compare to the results I've enjoyed during my 28 months of taking Ellen's classes. Ellen treats each student with respect and dignity, meeting each at their particular fitness level and challenging every person to be their best selves and not make comparisons with others in the classes. While some instructors bark commands, Ellen utilizes more of a leader style, actually demonstrating and completing the exercises along with the class, walking around the room and helping students use the proper form and techniques.  I have special challenges with one of my knees, and Ellen always remembers this and suggests modifications that will avoid further erosion. She offers modifications for each and every set and takes the time to learn if any student has special issues. The classes always start on time and, though challenging, Ellen maintains a welcoming atmosphere by playing various background music and allowing some verbal feedback among students. Ellen maintains the core Pilates lessons and spices things up with her own custom exercises. She varies the workouts, so you won't have to worry about muscle or mental ennui. I look forward to not just another 28 months of Ellen's Pilates but 28 years! ~ Terence Shepherd


“I've been taking your class now for 2 years and what a difference in my body & mind.  I've gone down 3 sizes which I love.  When I run into people that I haven't seen in a while they just cannot believe how I look.  I tell them that it's all from doing pilates with you.  It's a standard statement that I say "body by Ellen".  I really do mean it. Your way of teaching is so good and all the new moves are so challenging that you want to push yourself.  It's true what you say about putting your mind in a state that you can hold yourself for a 4-5 min. pyramid. When I go to class I know that it's going to be fun and challenging.  All I can see is thank-you so much for being the teacher and friend that you are.” ~ Michele Cutler 


Ellen Hofmann is a very positive and uplifting Pilates instructor. Always a smile and great music to boot! Thanks for fun Saturdays. ~ Lisa Gattegno